Tamiya 24245 Honda S2000 1/24 Scale Plastic Model Kit



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Futuristic headlights wrap around the side, appearing to be pulled back, poised for speed. The naturally aspirated 2.0-liter inline-4 DOHC-VTEC powerplant pumps out over 250hp, yet still manages to reduce toxic exhaust emissions to 1/10th the level of its predecessors. The positioning of the engine is also ideal, sitting just behind the front wheel axle in interest of 50/50 weight distribution. The sturdy body and superior handling, meshed with a four-wheel double wishbone suspension and a newly developed 6-speed manual transmission, offer high tractability and synthesis between car and river. The inside of the cabin features bucket seats, state-of-the -art digital indicators, and a red button for starting the engine. Of course, the impact safe design, air bag, and all the other safety features of modern sports cars have also been thoroughly considered.

Developed in celebration of Honda's 50th anniversary, the S2000 will surely take its place as the 2000cc sports car to beat in the 21st century!

1/24 Sports Car Series NO.245

Detailed static display model

Accurately reproduced exterior and interior

Realistic chassis undersurface and suspension

Solid synthetic rubber tires

Metal transfer emblem and left steering wheel type can be selected


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