AMT1210 1978 Ford Courier Minivan 1/25 Scale Model Kit



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  • Among them, the 2nd generation 1978 model is modeled with a full detail kit that reproduces the engine.

  • The engine reproduces an in-line 4-cylinder with an overhead cam of 2.3 liters.

  • The optional tarcharger parts are also modeled.

  • The chassis is also reproduced by assembling the suspension, front and rear axles, drive shaft, etc. to the rudder frame of another part.

  • The body of the pickup is realistically reproduced, including the design of the front grill.

  • The tailgate of the loading platform can be opened and closed even after completion.

  • In addition, a beach enterprise `LIL`VAN` camper shell to be attached to the rear loading platform is available.

  • You can choose and assemble both the pickup type and the minivan type.Reproduce the in-line 4-cylinder engine under the bonnet that can be opened and closed

  • A realistically assembled chassis that attaches front and rear suspensions to the rudder frame


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