Tamiya 24340 Honda S600 1/24 Scale Plastic Model Kit



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While Honda first gained worldwide acclaim for their motorcycles, they were also quick to branch out into manufacturing vehicles of the 4-wheeled kind. The Tokyo Motor Show in 1962 was the stage that they chose to debut their S500 roadster, which was quickly followed up in 1964 by a 606cc engine successor - the S600. That 606cc, 57hp unit was a 4-cylinder DOHC powerplant which bore close comparison even with racing engines of its day, and Honda took the creative approach of transmitting its power to the rear wheels of the car via chain drive units. A popular export to Europe and a familiar face on the racing circuit in Japan, the S600 is a vital piece of Japanese sports car heritage and a great addition to the Tamiya line-up.

About the Model
★This is a 1/24 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 136mm, Width: 60mm. ★The high-performance 4-cylinder DOHC engine is captured in great detail, including the four carburetors and exhaust manifold. It can be appreciated at any time thanks to the opening hood parts. ★The rear of the car features depictions of the chain drive units. ★Suspension, tubing and other details are realistically rendered. ★Metal-plated parts make authentically depict bumpers, side mirrors and front grille. ★Solid synthetic rubber tires. ★Can be assembled as an open-top or closed hard-top.


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