Revell R4503 Chevy S-10 The Street Sleeper Custom Pickup 1/25 Scale Plastic Model Kit



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The Chevy® S-10™ was first introduced in 1982. It was the first small size pickup truck to be designed and built domestically by the big 3 auto companies. There had been other small pickups, but those were rebadged imports. This model is the first generation of the truck, which lasted until to 1993. The S-10 is now into its third generation. When building the S-10, GM used many off the shelf parts from other vehicles. Mostly these parts came from GM’s G-body line of intermediate cars. At the same time a GMC® version was offered and was named the S-15 Sonoma™. Many different engines and transmissions were offered in both lines including a diesel engine.

- Turbocharged 4.3 liter 285 hp V-6 engine
- Detailed all-wheel-drive drivertrain
- Opening hood and tailgate
- Optional 3-panel rear window
- Moulded in white and clear with chrome plated parts and soft black tyres


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