Ocean Fossil Dig Kit

  • $14.95

Ocean Fossil Excavation Kit Excavate 3 genuine fossil specimens just like a real paleontologist with this incredible hands-on science kit! Buried inside the Ammonite shaped digging brick your paleontologist will uncover a real sliced and polished Ammonite, a clam fossil and a gastropod specimen. These 3 genuine specimens are each millions of years old! This hands-on dig kit includes an excavation tool, brush, magnifying glass and a full-color information guide so that you can learn all about the ocean fossil specimens you'll find in this kit. The info guide was written by teachers so that you'll improve your knowledge of science. Plus, there's an activity booklet with 10 fun games, puzzles and challenges to complete.

This kit includes:

A fossil-themed dig brick containing sliced and polished ammonite, clam, and gastropod fossils
An adventure guide with real facts about your fossils and information written by teachers
An activity booklet with 10 exciting challenges to solve
Archeological digging tool, brush, and magnifying glass