MPC926 1932 Chrysler Imperial Gangbusters 1/25 Scale Plastic Model Kit



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The Chrysler Imperial Eight incorporated many cutting edge engineering principles in the engine and chassis design. Floating power, a revolutionary new engine suspension system makes the Chrysler Imperial smooth and quiet. A new automatic clutch, eliminating the necessity for depressing the clutch, makes driving supremely simple. Chrysler Imperial free wheeling is an entirely separate unit at the rear of the transmission. When you are freewheeling, the gears are at a standstill, disconnected from both the engine and the rear wheels. The Chrysler Imperial high-compression engine develops 125 horsepower.


  • 1/25 scale, skill 2, paint and cement required
  • Molded-in black, just like the vintage original
  • SPECIAL BONUS: Police Motorcycle has been fully restored!
  • 2 bonus figures, one with optional arms
  • Vintage tires with whitewall inserts
  • Many additional gangster accessory parts
  • Retro Deluxe™ MPC Gangbusters-style packaging


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