Monopoly Sydney

  • $42.95

We all know that Sydney-siders are a little bit obsessed with property¦ they never seem to stop talking about it! If you have to listen to all that talk of mortgages, waterside views, leafy outlooks and prime locations, you may as well have fun doing it! Enter the worlds most famous property game, which turned acquiring land, houses and apartments (and bankrupting all your friends) into one of the most loved pastimes. Twenty-two Sydney locations were chosen to replace the London streets from a range of suggestions via Facebook. Sydney Harbour and Darling Harbour replace Mayfair and Park Lane. The Community Chest and Chance cards could see players being fined for being in the T3 lane on the Spit Bridge or they could score in Community Chest for having the best float at the Sydney Mardi Gras. With the Monopoly Sydney Edition, even the most expensive Sydney properties can become yours, without worrying about RBA interest rate hikes!