Ford Falcon XW GTHO - Brambles Red 1:32 scale

  • $39.95

This awesome 1:32 scale die cast model of the legendary Ford Falcon XW GTHO comes in Brambles Red.

Production of the XW GTHO - with HO standing for Handling Option (not High Output) - commenced in July 1969. Changes from the standard model included replacing the cast iron inlet manifold and Autolite 450 cfm carburettor with a Ford (Buddy Bar) aluminium inlet manifold and 600cfm Holley carburettor (similar to the one used on the 390 Mustang GT), a bigger cam, heavy duty alternator, a 3 in. tailshaft, bigger front sway bar and a rear sway bar. For marketing reasons, Ford still claimed only 290 bhp for the GTHO - the same as for the standard XW GT, even though it was obviously more powerful. So special was the GTHO, that Ford gave it a different model number (18939) compared to the standard GT (18938).