EH Holden Special Jindabyne Mauve 1:32 scale

  • $40.95

This awesome 1:32 scale die cast model of the iconic EH Holden Special comes in Jindabyne Mauve.

In August 1963 Holden released its new model, the EH. The new styling of the EJ was refined in the EH with straighter rear guards and a lower roof amongst other styling upgrades. But the improvements didn't stop at cosmetics, the EH included Holdens new Red Motor. Finally, Holden had upgraded from the old Grey Motor which even though reliable was seriously underpowered for the new styles of car Holden was starting to produce.

The most popular model the EH Special came with stainless steel trims along the side, chrome Special badges, two tone vinyl interiors, as well as a better choice of exterior colours with a white roof.