AMT Saturn V Rocket 1:200 Scale Model Kit



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NASA developed the historic Saturn V rocket to be its workhorse through the Apollo space missions. The pinnalce of the space program's success was the Apollo 11 mission which allowed Neil Armstrong to become the first man to step on the moon. This glue-together model kit by AMT celebrates that iconic mission. The model measures 22" in length and can be assembled to allow the rocket's three stages to separate. Even the Apollo spacecraft and LEM (Lunar Excursion Module) is included. The model can be decorated with the included water-slide decal sheet.


• Exact 1:200 Scale
• 61 Parts
• Water Slide Decals
• Includes a History of The NASA Manned Space Flight Program
• First Stage- (5) F-1 Engines
• Second Stage- (5) J-2 Engines
• Third Stage- (1) J-2 Engine
• LEM (Lunar Excursion Module)
• Service Module
• Heat Shield
• Command Module


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