4D Cityscape Sydney 1200PCE

  • $32.95

This 4D Cityscape puzzle recreates Sydneys world famous skyline, not only in three-dimension, using scale-model buildings, but also along the fourth dimension of time - spanning all of Sydney's architectural history. The base of the puzzle is a traditional 2D jigsaw puzzle that forms the city's street layout, islands, and mountains. During the process of constructing the base map, one learns about Sydneys neighbourhoods, streets, ports, and more.

Once the puzzle base is complete, the vertical building of Sydney begins by placing 83 buildings and skyscrapers in chronological time sequence. This is done by following the enclosed 4D Time Poster.

4D Cityscape Sydney Puzzle features:

940 pieces and 2000 educational facts.
Explores the expansion of Sydney from it's beginning to the present day.
Start with layer one: the historical jigsaw puzzle, then continue on to layer two: modern day Sydney.
In layer three, three-dimensional buildings and landmarks can be placed in the puzzle according to the year of completion.

Recommended for ages eight years and up.