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4D Cityscape Barcelona 1100pce

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Celebrate the history of a one of Spain’s loveliest burgs with the 4D Cityscape Time Puzzle. With this award-winning toy, you can recreate the skyline in a whole new way. The Barcelona puzzle uses scale-model buildings to demonstrate how time has influenced and changed the architecture.

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Experience a 4D Cityscape Puzzle which comes complete  with architectural replicas. Build the cityscape of Barcelona from scratch and learn about it’s development from the year 1117. Starting with a historical jigsaw puzzle map, you will then build on top of the puzzle with a modern day map. Then comes the fun and exciting part – the construction of buildings in the order of which they were completed. Start with Santa Maria Del Mar in 1383 and continue to the present day with the grand Hotel W.

This unique puzzle contains over one thousand pieces, and includes posters and educational facts that are bound to keep you entertained as you build your city!

4D Cityscape Barcelona Puzzle features:

  • Over 1100 pieces and 2000 educational facts.
  • Explores the expansion of Barcelona from the year 1117 to the present day.
  • Start with layer one: the historical jigsaw puzzle, then continue on to layer two: modern day Barcelona.
  • In layer three, three-dimensional buildings and landmarks can be placed in the puzzle according to the year of completion.

Recommended for ages eight years and up.